Our Services

Before starting the creation process, we analyze with you your different needs, in order to properly structure your project.
First, we need to establish the nature of your project, your objectives, the audience, and the budget. We also need to determine what kind of creation is best for you. Animation, promotional or corporate video, social network campaign, template, layout, branding, logo, etc. With the strategy, we can plan the production according to the schedule.
The creative process can begin. In collaboration with you, our team brainstorms in order to analyze and develop different original and daring concepts that will make your project unique and captivating.
After approval of the concept, our team creates a ‘’beauty shot’’ in order to visualize the general structure. Camera shots, scenario / synopsis, layout and storyboard(if needed) will help plan the next steps of the project and meet deadlines.
From the work plan, the team gets to work to capture or create the different images that will make up your project.
Graphic design
Designing the different visual identities of your business, logo, website, menu, or something else, our creative and experienced graphic designers will be able to achieve what you need.
Video Shooting
Video capture can be done in various places, studios, events, offices, shops, etc. In some cases, a location scouting is done to ensure that the desired shots are possible and that the appropriate equipment is planned for the shooting.
With many years of professional experience, our photographers will highlight your business, achievements, products and services. We cover food photos as well as commercial and advertising photos. A service that is adapted to your needs.
Audio recording
We will accompany you in the artistic direction whether for text writing or audio recording during filming or even in the studio.
The project can be assembled and your final content takes shape, thanks to the wide variety of technical skills of our team.
Images and videos are sorted to assemble the best shots. The right order and transitions between the selected sequences are also important since they will give the overall rhythm to the video.
Motion, stop-motion, 2D-3D, pixelation, rotoscoping, typographic animation and more, are different techniques mastered by our creators. Animated content can represent your entire visual or be integrated into an edit, making it even more dynamic. An original way to present your information, products and services.
Retouching and special effects
Maximize the potential of your creatives with our professional retouching service, whether it be imperfection correction, color correction, background image, etc. We can perfect your images and videos for quality rendering and also give a creative look with a touch of effects.
Preparation of files in broadcast format for TV, web, social networks, and others. If your visuals need to be broadcast with Netsign.tv, our production team will take care of the content integration into our software and broadcast schedules programming. If you have multiple screens, they can also broadcast contents synchronously.
Do you have a project in mind?

To realize your various projects, our creative team puts at your disposal more than 15 years of experience, a vision of quality and originality. We will be happy to answer your needs and create personalized content to your image!